I am so grateful to Todd Bloomfield for the outstanding job he did on my case. Everyone at Rice & Bloomfield was very attentive to my case and they got me a great result.

-Margaret M.
Van Nuys

I was driving on the 405 freeway when traffic in front of me came to a stop. The car behind me smashed into the back of my pick up. After speaking with a couple of lawyers I was most comfortable with Todd Bloomfield. He took the time to talk to me about my case and clearly knew what he was doing. Mr. Bloomfield made sure I got a rental car quickly and that my car was repaired. He handled my case quickly and got me more money than I was expecting. I am grateful for your help.

-David T.

After being T-boned at an intersection I thought I could handle my claim myself. After a few months it was clear the insurance company was screwing around with me. I made some mistakes along the way but Mr. Bloomfield was able to fix it and get my case resolved. I wish I had called Rice & Bloomfield from the beginning.

-Leslie A.
North Hills

After speaking to a number of attorneys I was grateful that Linda treated my like a person. It took me a while to recover from my injuries and it really upset my life. I thought I would never get back on track. I probably wouldn’t have without Linda’s help making sure I was seeing the right doctors and that I got the medical treatment that got me better. Her hard work and dedication are the best.

-Scott B.

My mother had dementia and needed to be in an assisted care facility to get the care she needed. It turned out the place she was at was more interested in profits than patients. It didn’t have enough nurses to take care of her and all the other patients. Mom ended up with horrible bed sores that wouldn’t heal. I felt so guilty, but I thought I had done the right thing for her. Linda reassured me that it wasn’t my fault, which I needed to hear. She also insisted on meeting Mom and visited her a couple of times during the lawsuit she filed for us, which meant a lot to me. The facility ended up settling Mom’s case so I was able to hire help for her and keep her at home with me.

-Liz J.
Los Angeles

I had never sued anyone before and was uncomfortable consulting a lawyer after another driver smashed into the back of my car and wouldn’t take responsibility for what he had done. Ms. Rice put me at ease by explaining what my rights were and how she could help. She guided me through the whole process and settled my case for more than I expected. I’m glad the other driver was held accountable for what he did.

-Sheri C.
Granada Hills

When the other side wouldn’t settle my case against a doctor who did an unnecessary surgery that left me with a permanent limp, Linda took it to trial. She was a rock star in the court room. I’ll always be grateful that she believed in me and my case. And, we got a great verdict!

-Suzi S.
Santa Monica

I worked with both Todd and Linda during my lawsuit against a driver who plowed into me while I was crossing the street. They were great. Linda helped me answer the questions the other side sent so they would understand how they had changed my life. Todd negotiated a terrific settlement for me. I would recommend Rice & Bloomfield to anyone in my situation.

-Tom R.