Trucking Accidents Attorney in Encino, CA

Rice & Bloomfield represents people injured in truck accidents and collisions in Southern California. We handle cases arising from drunk drivers, hit and run drivers, uninsured motorists, underinsured motorists. The types of car accident cases we handle include those involving other semi-tractor truck collisions and rollovers.

Rice & Bloomfield also represent people injured in truck accidents, collisions or crashes resulting from defective products or design, such as defective seatbelts, tires or gas tanks.

The injury you may have suffered from these types of accidents can be severe and life altering. You may have suffered an injury to your head, neck, or back (whiplash); burns to your head or neck; nerve damage, disc injury, broken or dislocated bones or limbs, or even lost the use of part of your body.

Getting proper medical treatment, getting your medical bills paid and covered, making sure that you do not lose wages or income, and making sure any future treatment you may require is covered is probably a significant concern to you. We understand that and our experienced attorneys inform you about your available options and work with the insurance companies and parties involved to make sure all of your needs are handled quickly and appropriately.

If you have been injured in a motor vehicle accident, CONTACT US ONLINE OR CALL US AT 818-722-8824 TO SET UP A FREE CONSULTATION. We have an attorney on-call 24 hours a day, seven days a week.