Known for turning compassion for clients into maximum settlements and verdicts, Rice & Bloomfield, LLP helps people throughout California. Our goal is to help you get the assistance you need, and make the process of recovering for an injury easy.


We are dedicated to providing personal injury victims with the best representation possible. You deserve to have an experienced and aggressive lawyer fighting for you. We are personal injury trial lawyers trained in representing people injured due to the carelessness of another person, business or corporation. We will work to get you the maximum compensation you deserve.

If your injuries prevent you from traveling to our office, we will come meet you in your home or hospital. Your injuries should not prevent you from meeting with a lawyer to get the proper representation that you deserve. Let us help you.

Your life-changing injury may have been caused by a slip and fall in a restaurant, business, parking lot, grocery store, sidewalk, or other dangerous property. It may have been caused by a traffic accident, a drunk driver, or an uninsured motorist. Your injury may be the result of an animal bite, or from a bus. Many of our clients were injured as pedestrians while walking on the street.

Insurance companies work hard to make people in Los Angeles feel guilty about being injured. People tell us they never wanted to sue anybody. However, the person that injured you paid for insurance so that you could get the medical treatment necessary to heal you, as well as compensation for the pain, mental distress and emotional suffering a physical injury causes. No one chooses to be injured. Let us make sure the insurance company pays full value for what has happened to you.

We will help make sure you get prompt and appropriate medical care. When you have been hurt because of someone else’s fault, you are entitled to pick which doctor you want to go to. You should be able to get the care that the doctor you choose recommends. You are not required to settle for discount medical care or second-rate professional services when someone else injures you. Let us help you make sure that you get the medical attention you need to recover quickly and completely.

So often our clients tell us that they never thought they would hire an attorney or that they did not think they were the type of person to sue someone else. Those are also typically people who did not think they would be injured by the negligence of another, or did not think that insurance companies could be so unfair. The law is clear: you are entitled to fair compensation for your injuries. The person or corporation that hurt you should be accountable for their negligence. They should be responsible for the injuries they caused. Let us help you hold them accountable. That is why we are here.

Our attorneys are recognized as leaders in personal injury law and have helped countless people obtain the results they deserve. Our tenacity empowers us to provide superior representation. Insurance companies know we are not afraid to take a case to trial, if necessary. That reputation means that we can settle most cases. But, when we do go to trial, we have the experience and skills to obtain justice. We spare no expense to use cutting edge technology, combined with advanced litigation advocacy theory, to obtain results.

Sometimes the help you need cannot wait. That is why we are here to help you 24 hours a day. Call us today.