Woodland Hills Lawyers’ Tips: What to Do When an Accident Occurs

When my 16-year old daughter got her driver’s license, the first thing I did was explain to her what she would need to do if she got into an automobile accident. I made a list of questions for her to get answers to: Where did the car accident occur? What was the name of the other driver? Were there any passengers and, if so, what were their names and addresses? Were there any witnesses? What was the year make, model and license plate number of the other car or cars involved? Simple questions that often go unanswered in the chaos that may ensue after a car crash occurs.

I also bought a disposable camera and put it into the glove box. Take pictures, I told her, of your car, the other cars and intersection or location of the accident. Today, I suppose, she would be able to use her cell phone for this purpose.

Within a week after she began driving, she was involved in her first accident. She was shaken and upset – the accident had been her fault – but she had all of the information necessary to assist our insurance company to process the claim.

Giving some thought to what information you are likely to need in the event of an automobile accident is a good way to prepare for something you hope never will happen. In the long run, doing so will make the whole experience less traumatic for you and for those you love. In the event you are injured in an accident that is not your fault, the information you collect at the scene will be invaluable to your lawyer.

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