A Supermarket Can Be a Dangerous Place

Supermarkets in Los Angeles Have a Duty to Keep the Aisles Safe. A Supermaket Can Be a Dangerous Place: Slip and fall.

The market can be a dangerous place, but it should not be. As a personal injury lawyer, we hear about it often. There are thousands of markets in Los Angeles. There are plenty of potential dangers in the market, but they can all be avoided if the supermarket acts reasonably to protect itself. Because a market knows that items can be spilled on the floor which make it slippery, a market is required to take precautions to check to make sure that its floor is clean so that people do not fall and get hurt

The easiest and most common way markets are supposed to do this is by “sweeps.” A supermarket should have a system in place to make sure that at least one employee is ordered to walk every aisle in the store at least every 15 minutes to look at the floors. The employee must look for anything that may have spilled. He or she should look for anything on the floor that could harm a customer. Have you ever picked up a carton of milk at the market only to discovery a few minutes later that it was leaking? There are plenty of ways that dangerous debris can end up on the floor.

When liquids make the floor slippery, and the market is not looking for it, people get hurt. At Rice & Bloomfield we represent people injured when a supermarket is not careful and does not keep its floors clean. Many people are surprised at how easy it is to get hurt from simply slipping and falling. It also surprising how often Van Nuys markets will not take responsibility for their dangerous store. We hope it never happens to you, but if it does, we can help. Give us a call.

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