San Fernando Valley Motorists Are Prohibited from Using a Cell Phone While Driving

Driving in Los Angeles while holding a cell phone is a bad idea. Holding a cell phone to your head not only affects your concentration, but also restricts your ability to check your blind spots and turn the wheel. It is no surprise that there is a correlation between holding a cell phone while driving and auto accidents.

Last July, a new law came into effect which prohibits talking on a cell phone while holding it. It is worth commenting on this new law because as I drive around the streets I still see people holding their cell phone and talking while driving. I suppose much like when the seatbelt law came into effect, it will take some time before people figure out that this law does have a purpose and it makes sense.

Oddly enough, this law does not prohibit reading and writing text messages while driving. Fortunately, that has been rectified and now it is unlawful to text message while driving.

These new laws have been a boon to the Bluetooth industry which has seen huge sales increases in the past year. There has also been a terrific improvement in the quality of these devices. There are many low-cost good-quality Bluetooth devices available which make it legal to use your cell phone while driving.

Although it’s too late for drivers who have already suffered personal injuries in auto accidents, a side benefit to this law is that it has increased awareness in the dangers of driving while holding a cell phone. This alone has helped reduce the number of car crashes in California. Until drivers adopt this new law, there will be still be a high need for Los Angeles Auto Accident Attorneys.

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