Driver’s in Woodland Hills Must Cooperate to Keep Kid’s Safe

Too many Encino auto accident’s result from Los Angeles driver’s being selfish. Saving a minute for yourself may put someone else, or their children at risk.

Yesterday was the Halloween carnival at my children’s elementary school. The school is at the top of a hill on a blind corner. A child was killed by a car at this location in the past five years. The school takes safety very seriously.

As I was walking my family to our car after the carnival, I saw a horrifying site.

A woman is picking up three children in front of the school. She parks her car on Lanai Road northbound (across the street from the school). She hits the button to flash her hazard lights because she knew she was creating quite a danger. She leaves her car and walks to the sidewalk and shoos the kids to her SUV. She sends them to cross Lanai Road by themselves at a blind corner as traffic backs up behind her SUV. They get in the car while the mother remains talking to someone in front of the school.

Other cars are waiting for because she is blocking the only lane of this blind corner at the top of the hill. Eventually traffic starts going around her car. Each car crosses over the center line into the on-coming traffic lane risking serious collision so that this mother is not inconvenienced.

Had there been a collision it would have been no accident. Had there been a collision, her kids probably would have been safe in that SUV. It would have been the other cars that would have crashed, and the force of the impact could have pushed them onto the sidewalk to kill someone else’s innocent children.

I do not know who that woman is, and even if she reads this, I doubt someone that selfish cares enough to change her behavior.

Don’t be that mother. Please think about how your actions put others at risk. I have to trust you to keep my kids safe. Take care of my kids and I will do the same for you.

Have a safe Halloween.

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