Accidental death or Injury to Babies Caused by Crib Pads

Lining a baby’s crib with a bumper pad has long been a popular trend in Southern California. A recent study shows that that risk of death or accidental injury to a baby or toddler associated with a bumper pad outweighs their benefit. Ultimately, you should speak with your local Los Angeles pediatrician to decide whether to use a bumper pad.

Many people use these pads to protect babies from injury. The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission data found that many infants lack the motor development to free themselves when they become wedged between the bumper pad and the surface. Babies are likely to suffocate because they are rebreathing expired air or their nose and mouth are compressed.

Both soft and firm bumper pads are dangerous. Researchers of Sudden Infant Death Syndrome indicate that a soft pad can cause suffocation while a hard pad can provide a means for babies to climb and fall out of the crib.

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