Meet Our Team

Two Perspectives. One Mission.

Each of our attorneys has their own unique approach to practicing law, which makes for a dynamic partnership and an effective legal team. When you retain either one of us, you have two legal minds working behind the scenes.

Committed to Our Community
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Los Angeles is our home, and we look out for our neighbors. That means that when their livelihood or well-being is in jeopardy, we step in to help.
Linda Fermoyle Rice

Outside the office, we like to donate our time to the Los Angeles Trial Lawyers’ Charities — the mission of which is to improve the quality of life in the greater Los Angeles area. Specifically, we and the other LATLC members focus on resolving issues pertaining to education, children, abuse, disability, and homelessness.

Effecting change doesn’t happen overnight, but we believe that every decision we make today can make a big difference down the road. That’s why we choose to focus on what we can do to help our community, both in and out of the office.

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Why Choose Us?

We work as a team

We handle the vast majority of our cases individually to save our clients money, but we brainstorm together to ensure we’ve examined the possibilities from every angle.

We cut to the chase

If you choose to work with us, you’ll see that we don’t make false promises. We set clear, realistic expectations from the get-go so you can make informed decisions.

We’re ready for anything

To us, there’s no such thing as over-preparing. Even if your case is straightforward, we’ll have Plans B and C ready to go in case the matter escalates or goes to trial.

What Our Clients Have To Say

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Recent Verdicts

How we go above & beyond the call of duty

Our job is helping people through potentially life-altering legal matters — a responsibility we take very seriously. That’s why, no matter how many years of experience we collect, we continuously strive to become even better at what we do.

Effective Trial Strategies

We are committed to the study and practice of trial advocacy — that is, researching what works and what doesn’t work when appealing to judges and juries.

Even though our clients typically want to avoid going to court, we make a point of keeping up with this extremely useful legal skill. After all, knowing how to effectively paint a picture for the opposing side comes in handy both in and out of the courtroom.

Attorney Referrals

In and around Los Angeles, we have a strong reputation throughout the legal community. We are honored to say that as a result, other attorneys often refer clients to us. Each time it happens, we are further inspired to put 110% into our work.

Versatile Legal Experience

Personal injury is undoubtedly the core of our practice, but over the years we’ve discovered that our individual interests can benefit the members of our community as well. For instance, Linda has always been adamant about eliminating discrimination and violations of civil rights, and so she practices employment law.

Todd, meanwhile, is a big supporter of local businesses, which is why he works with business owners to protect their licenses when they find themselves facing administrative accusations.